Use Low Profile Tool Box to Keep tools and Gear Organized

Black Low Profile Tool Box

Keep tools and gear organized, secure and easily accessible with this low profile truck tool box. Its slim design offers greater visibility when looking through your rearview mirror and won’t obstruct turning a fifth wheel hitch.

This crossover truck tool box is constructed of durable aluminum welded together into one tub for strength and reliability. Insulated against rain, sun and grime with MicroSeal gaskets that block out moisture as well as insects and dirt for added peace of mind.

Truck Tool Box Low Profile

Low profile truck tool boxes sit low in your truck bed for increased rear window visibility and less wind resistance. UWS crossover truck tool boxes feature their secure lock system & BedRug liner to protect tools & gear against theft or weather elements.

This aluminum truck tool box’s patented CamLocker system utilizes revolving cams that hook through welded catches to securely close and lock its lid, making forced entry difficult while simultaneously minimising theft pry bar points. Insulated and weather sealed to keep tools dry even during a rainstorm or snowstorm, this American-made box makes an excellent storage solution. Having provided law enforcement & military agencies with premium aluminum accessories for years, they understand what’s required to create top-rated storage boxes like this CamLocker box!

Low-profile truck tool boxes like this aluminum one from Lowe’s provide you with maximum utilization of the full width of your truck bed for storage purposes. Adjustable dividers inside allow you to organize equipment space efficiently while two paddle lock lift handles are conveniently positioned for easy operation and there’s even a built-in screwdriver holder and removable sliding storage trays to organize small items efficiently.

Aluminum truck tool boxes offer superior strength and corrosion resistance compared to steel models, thanks to being thicker than their steel counterparts and needing less powder-coating for protection from rust. Their sleek satin finish looks great in any pickup, while an adjustable divider helps organize items of differing sizes into individual sections.

This truck tool box boasts a heavy-duty, 1/8 inch Brite-Tread aluminum divider with a black powder coat finish for optimal strength and style. Additionally, its locking paddles are made of stainless-steel for extra durability & peace of mind.

Black Low Profile Tool Box

For anyone working with their hands for a living – be it building houses, demolishing them, or anything in between- equipment designed to withstand daily use is crucial. The Dee Zee DZ8170TB Red Label Crossover Tool Box was specifically created with this goal in mind: its heavy-duty Brite-Tread aluminum with textured black powder coat finish features lockable stainless steel paddle lift handles.

Its patented foam-filled lid design creates a solid structure that prevents warping and bending, while its extra-thick one-piece aluminum construction offers superior strength and corrosion resistance. Furthermore, this crossover truck tool box comes equipped with dual locking twist handles for ease of operation as well as a BedRug liner to add further protection.

This rust-proof and weatherproof truck tool box mounts neatly beneath your tonneau cover for a sleek appearance, and its low profile design enables greater rear window visibility when towing fifth wheels. Plus, made right here in America means you know it will last.

UWS Low Profile Toolbox

UWS truck tool boxes feature an elegant aesthetic without blocking your back window view. Sitting two inches lower on the bed rail than standard truck tool boxes, UWS crossover truck tool boxes offer more storage without reducing clearance for entering or maneuvering around work areas. Constructed from extra-thick aluminum that resists corrosion, UWS crossover truck tool boxes also come equipped with MicroSeal weatherstripping, stainless steel lock handles and built-in tool trays or holders – features you’re sure to appreciate while working or traveling around in vehicles or work areas.

Most UWS low profile toolboxes feature a sandwich-style lid with insulation foam used both to protect tools from external factors and to give rigidity to what would otherwise be an easily bent aluminum structure. They’re also equipped with gas strut lifters that enable their lids to open 90 degrees, making loading and unloading equipment simpler.

These tool boxes typically mount beneath a hard tonneau cover or under the rear window for added protection, and feature watertight construction with a sealed gasket that helps seal out moisture, dirt, and debris. Some models even come equipped with locking handles that can be mounted either side for extra security.

UWS toolboxes typically cost $700-$800. However, there are less expensive models which offer similar style and functionality at reduced costs; though they might not feature as many organizational features or watertight qualities.

UWS models are American-made and feature solid aluminum bodies covered in black powder paint. Their lid features a stainless steel paddle latch that’s easy to grasp while remaining bend- and dent-proof; two self-closing struts engage when any downward force is applied by hand, plus they include two plastic tool trays as handy extra features.

This model’s only real drawback is its relatively light build quality; not suitable for serious professional use and lacking security features like armor plating to prevent unauthorised access and an effective lock system.

Better Built Low Profile Tool Box

This Better Built tool box is an excellent option for keeping tools and equipment secure while in the bed of their truck. Featuring a low profile design with sleek lines that complement any truck’s aesthetics, its low profile design stands out among competitors while still being stylish enough for everyday use. In addition, its selection of features makes this an excellent solution – including locking pull handles, 2-stage automotive grade rotary latches, foam-filled lids for additional strength, as well as locking pull handles with 2-stage automotive grade rotary latches – that make for extra strength and security when storing tools or equipment safely within.

Better Built tool boxes offer great convenience as they can be opened with one hand, making grabbing tools much simpler when needed. Crafted of durable aluminum material, this durable box can stand up to harsh weather and corrosion and has a divider at its core to keep everything organized and comes complete with a plastic tray for smaller tools.

Better Built tool boxes feature RigidCore foam filling in their lids for extra strength and to prevent warping, made of extra-thick welded aluminum with gas spring struts to support them, quality stainless steel hinges with self-rising action that makes opening them with one hand easier, as well as keyed locks to provide added security.

Though smaller than some other Better Built tool boxes, this one still makes an ideal option for storing tools. With its low profile design and beautiful aluminum diamond plate finish, this box makes an impressionful statement in any truck.

When purchasing a tool box, it is important to keep both budget and work environment in mind. Measure the dimensions of your truck bed bed before purchasing an appropriate box that will fit securely.