The Benefits of a Low Profile Shower Drain

Low Profile Shower Drain

Linear drains are becoming an increasingly popular trend in wet room design. Not only are they more hygienic and easier to maintain than their counterparts, they’re also much simpler and quicker to clean!

PVC Channel. These new Site Sizable linear drains feature an innovative “mortar lock” design to secure their position firmly on a mortar bed floor, simplifying barrier free shower installation while decreasing floor height requirements.

Low Profile Linear Drain

An affordable low profile linear shower drain can dramatically transform the aesthetics of any bathroom. They have become an increasingly sought after bathroom fixture because of their stylish yet functional designs, as well as being easier to maintain than traditional point drains. A linear shower drain makes an excellent addition for homeowners seeking to upgrade their space.

Linear Drain Assembly

A linear shower drain consists of the body that houses its pipe, weep holes and grate. Often made of stainless steel, brass or cast iron for durability and smooth operation. Furthermore, an assembly includes a flange which connects it to the shower base via welding while being sealed using silicone caulk for leak prevention and leak management. Some drains offer removable grates for ease of cleaning and maintenance purposes.

Some manufacturers provide curved linear-style shower troughs designed to conceal drain assemblies. They come in an assortment of sizes and finishes, making them suitable for tile as well as natural stone floors; plus they meet ADA compliance by eliminating the need for curbs in installations without curbs.

Infinity Drain’s Site Sizable drain provides greater design freedom in creating barrier-free bathrooms. Its lower profile helps minimize floor height requirements to achieve curbless entrances, making it easier for people of all abilities to enter and exit showers with no trip hazards or trip hazards to worry about – providing more space to maneuver in.

No caulk drains are an innovative new generation of shower drains that do not use lead and oakum sealants to seal their flange to the drainpipe. Instead, their installation requires simply installing it at the base of your shower base before trowelling a layer of mortar over it to create a slope away from walls toward drain opening – leaving just an 1/4-inch-per-foot slope slope away from walls to drain opening and towards opening itself. After drying time has elapsed, grate is placed over drain and sealed off using silicone caulk.

Oatey offers a selection of shower drains designed specifically to work with HYDRO BAN waterproofing membranes, compatible with most plumbing connections and boasting weep holes to detect leaks in waterproofing membranes.

KERDI-LINE shower drains differ from point drains in that they only need to slope in one plane for easy drainage, enabling large format tile to cover the entirety of a shower floor area. Furthermore, these drains can accommodate various grate styles including an offset oval in brushed, polished or oil-rubbed bronze finishes as well as wedge wire grates of various widths.

Linear shower drains are the latest trend in luxury bathroom design. More hygienic and easier to maintain than point drains, they make cleaning simpler while opening up more shower designs possibilities. Their sleek appearance also makes them appealing features of contemporary home design trends.