Low Profile Roof Racks For Off-Road Vehicles

Roof Racks


Reclaiming the space above your cab with a low profile roof rack will allow you to make efficient use of its space while carrying loads without reducing roof clearance or diminishing its aesthetics. Many kits use existing factory mounting locations for hassle-free installation – no cutting or drilling necessary!

Canoes, kayaks, full sheets of plywood, drywall and lumber can easily be transported on overland adventures or home projects with this 100% bolt-on carrier featuring a sleek profile designed to reduce vibrations and wind noise.

Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler is an incredibly popular off road vehicle that can easily be equipped with a low profile roof rack such as the Eezi-Awn K9 rack for carrying extra cargo on off road adventures. This rack will attach directly to its rain gutters, and can accommodate half or full rack configurations; additionally it supports LED lights for night time visibility on trails.

Rhino-Rack Backbone Rack is another fantastic choice for Jeep Wrangler owners looking for additional roof rack solutions. Specifically tailored to four door Wrangler models and designed with hard top or soft top usage in mind. Constructed of steel tubes powder coated for water resistance, it can handle 300lbs dynamic weight capacity while remaining very strong – even featuring an LED light bar mount to enhance lighting conditions while on trails!

One of the greatest aspects of this roof rack is that its installation does not involve extensive drilling on your Jeep. Instead, it simply attaches to its factory mounting points on both ends – keeping your hard top intact in the process! Plus, with its low profile design and wide selection of accessories compatible, you have no trouble keeping up with life!

The Exposed Racks Low Profile Hardtop Roof Rack is an excellent solution for Jeep Wrangler owners looking to use their vehicle as cargo carrier on the trails. Compatible with soft top or Sky One-Touch Power top models, this roof rack can carry heavy loads without altering ride height. Furthermore, two crossbars can be removed easily so as to make fitting additional accessories simpler.


UpTop Overland’s Alpha roof rack stands out from its competition by its extremely low profile design that perfectly conforms to any vehicle roof curves, while featuring internal design rails that you can customize to match the color of your 4Runner, providing extra mounting options for gear, tools, and accessories. Furthermore, this rack includes six grab handles; something most other roof racks don’t provide! These handy handles make reaching for gear much simpler as well as for cleaning purposes!

Surco Safari Rack offers another low profile roof rack solution for the Toyota 4Runner: this cargo basket attaches directly to factory raised side rails and features an 84″ wide by 50″ deep usable space – it’s also one of the strongest racks available so it can carry plenty of gear! Additionally, there’s even an integrated sunroof cutout!

Front Runner’s 3/4 Slimline II Roof Rack Kit provides an economical option. Featuring the same storage capabilities under your deck as its full counterpart, yet shorter in length; sunroof cutout; US-Made cold-rolled steel tubing, as well as best-in-class powder coating make up this quality roof rack kit.

CNC roof racks are among the most versatile and sought-after racks for overlanding. Their multiple crossbar and slot mount locations enable users to fully customize their rack to meet their exact requirements, accommodating rooftop tents, kayaks, bikes and more with no compromise in fuel economy or cargo capacity. Plus, their low profile design helps improve mpg ratings without reducing cargo capacity!

FJ Cruiser

Low profile roof racks are the perfect addition for off-road adventurers who require extra gear or need to carry a tent on top of their vehicle. Designed to fit over your front windshield and offer access to cargo area without raising/lowering roof, low profile racks come equipped with flat platforms designed for mounting baskets or gear holders – many even install easily by attaching themselves directly to rain gutters/channels/door jambs or roof rails on vehicle.

Sherpa Fuji’s stylish and durable FJ Cruiser roof rack is an excellent addition to your vehicle, built using 1/4″ aircraft-grade aluminum side panels with stainless steel hardware for long-term performance. The modular design enables you to choose how many crossbars to use; crossbar length can also be adjusted accordingly depending on individual needs. Furthermore, this rack comes equipped with wind fairings to help increase aerodynamic efficiency while reducing wind noise.

Sherpa offers several Sherpa Fuji FJ Cruiser roof rack sizes, with the Expedition Rack providing a large basket area up front and flat back section ideal for mounting roof top tents. This rack boasts dynamic load capacity of 400 pounds and static weight capacity of 700 pounds respectively.

Prinsu FJ Cruiser Roof Rack offers another low-profile option designed to fit 2007-2014 FJ Cruisers: this rack features two laser-cut side rails and eight crossbars which can be adjusted according to your needs, along with built-in wind fairing for improved aerodynamics and reduced wind noise. Constructed from aircraft grade aluminum and secured by stainless steel hardware for durability and rust-free functionality; with built-in handles and tie-down points making accessing gear effortless.


When outfitting a Mercedes Sprinter van or Dodge Promaster, roof rack options may include those manufactured by Tourig; they feature sleek designs with direct mounting onto existing or aftermarket roof rails for seamless integration and reduced wind resistance while increasing load capacity. They’re available for 144 and 170 wheelbase models and work seamlessly with accessories like awnings, rooftop solar panels and other camper van accessories.

Aluminess offers a welded aluminum rack, which can be custom ordered to meet specific measurements of your van’s roof vents and AC units. This modular rack comes in 3 to 4 pieces for DIYers to assemble easily. Plus, its lightweight materials make installation much simpler compared to similar racks available today.

Stoked offers the flatbed roof rack as a reliable platform to carry and mount gear, tools or other equipment. Featuring perforated decking and light bar illumination, it comes in various sizes for various Sprinter models and its modular design allows users to add or remove slats as necessary – plus it is compatible with most awnings!

All of these Sprinter roof racks are simple to install without drilling or cutting required, featuring mounts to help secure your gear, and compatible with most accessories including bike racks, ladders, tool boxes, RotopaX fuel containers, awnings and high lift jacks. Plus they’re versatile – great for camping trips, hunting expeditions or fishing excursions; waterproof and rust-proof; made of high quality materials – while remaining very cost effective and saving you money long term.

Subaru Outback

Roof racks are an essential addition to any car, especially for adventurers who like taking long journeys and carrying luggage with them. Not only can it reduce wind noise and increase fuel efficiency; there are various kinds of roof racks on the market with prices varying accordingly; below are some low profile Subaru Outback roof racks you should consider:

One of the most popular Subaru Outback roof rack options is Thule Wingbar Evo. This roof rack is inexpensive, durable, and easy to install; plus it comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. However, for those seeking something with more aerodynamic qualities may benefit from AirFlow2 instead. Featuring lightweight construction that’s quick to assemble as well as T-slot system that accomodates accessories while being more affordable than its counterpart and easily available for purchase on Amazon.

Yakima EasyTop roof rack is another popular option, designed to fit most vehicles quickly and be installed within minutes. Constructed of premium-quality materials, it can accommodate kayaks, skis, snowboards and other equipment while being secured by locks and straps for extra peace of mind.

A fork mount bike rack provides another viable option when looking for roof racks, as this type of carrier allows users to securely mount bikes without altering the height of their vehicle, surfboards and other gear without impeding access – all without blocking driver views or interfering with trunk or hood access. Unfortunately though they don’t offer as much load capacity compared to traditional rooftop carriers so always ensure you check their weight limits before using one!