Low Profile Long Reach Floor Jack

Low Profile Long Reach Floor Jack

Low profile long reach floor jacks are essential tools in any auto repair shop, offering safe and secure lift for vehicles of any kind. They are lightweight and simple to operate – providing a valuable boost towards success!

Regular jacks have lower lifting heights that may not meet the needs of all vehicles and they require more upkeep than low-profile models.

Product Description

If you enjoy working on your car and don’t mind some manual labor, a low profile long reach floor jack may be just the tool for the job. These jacks save both time and effort by eliminating the need to prop your pride and joy up on blocks – freeing you to swap tires more easily or take a closer look under its hood. They feature lower bottom height than standard floor jacks making it easier for them to slide underneath lowered vehicles while still having enough height to lift it off of the ground when used properly.

Saddles of jacking points should also be carefully considered. Smaller saddles tend to concentrate pressure more tightly over a smaller area, potentially collapsing jacking points on older vehicles; larger saddles, however, may prove more challenging when maneuvering around suspension components and brake lines; following manufacturer recommendations regarding their placement should help alleviate such concerns.

Once you’ve located an appropriate spot to lift your vehicle, simply slide a jack underneath and pump until its saddle touches the jacking point. Always use jack stands when working under your car or another form of support when working under raised vehicles as doing so could result in injury to either yourself or damage to either one of them.

This Pittsburgh Automotive 2-Ton Low Profile/Long Reach Steel Heavy-Duty Floor Jack offers reliable performance at a reasonable price, featuring long handles with knurled grips for comfortable lifting of vehicles, dual piston design for effortless vehicle lifting, swivel saddle design for positioning before lifting, and dual piston pump for effortless vehicle lifting. Additionally, users will appreciate having this jack’s long handle with knurled grips which features dual piston design which easily lift your vehicle, and saddle which swivels for positioning before lifting off.

With a low lowered height of only 3.75 inches, this jack can fit easily under various lowered vehicles. Unfortunately, its maximum height makes it more challenging than most other jacks to position a jack stand underneath for safety purposes; furthermore, its handle comes equipped with an anti-accident mechanism and lock feature – essential features for any auto technician.

Product Features

Some floor jacks are specifically designed with low profiles and long reach in mind, making them popular choices among professional mechanics or garage owners who require high-quality tools for various vehicles and jobs. Such models support greater weight capacity than standard models which is useful when working with heavier vehicles; however, when purchasing one it is important to consider some key factors when making your purchase decision.

When purchasing a quality floor jack, one of the main factors to keep an eye out for is its lifting capacity – normally indicated by a number. The higher its lifting capacity is, the more weight it can lift. There are different kinds of jacks available with various capacities from 1.5 tons up to 4 tons.

An essential feature of any quality floor jack is its pump handle, where you will use hydraulic fluid to raise and lower its lifting mechanism. A longer handle makes this task simpler; therefore, look for one with an ergonomic, knurled grip for best results. A good pair of mechanic’s gloves may also aid in maintaining an ideal grip on this part of the tool.

Some floor jacks are constructed out of aluminum. Although more costly than traditional floor jacks, aluminum-built models are becoming increasingly popular with performance car enthusiasts and those wanting an attractive tool to display in their garage or workshop. Unfortunately, however, these aluminum models tend to be less stable due to narrow front wheels which may sink into dirt when lifting vehicles off the floor.

Other floor jacks made of steel construction may be cheaper and still provide ample lifting capacity, though they may not last as long when exposed to extended use.

There are also hybrid floor jacks on the market. These jacks combine both electric and hydraulic systems for fast lifting action; an electric pump can be turned on/off as needed while engaging the hydraulic system quickly lifts your vehicle.

Product Specifications

When on a limited budget and in need of quick car repair work, a low profile long reach floor jack may be your go-to tool. These lightweight floor jacks feature low saddle height that makes under vehicles easier than other jacks; their high lifting capacity meets most passenger car specifications while their lightweight construction allows easy storage within trunk.

Consideration should be given when purchasing a long reach floor jack to its maximum load rating, minimum height requirements, and capacity rating. You want to ensure your jack can lift the weight of your vehicle without strain, so look for one with at least 2 tons max load rating and 18.5 inches minimum saddle height and maximum height rating as this will allow access to vehicle jackpoints.

Handles are also an important consideration when purchasing a long reach floor jack, with some having long and comfortable grip handles that make use easier than others. Some jacks even come equipped with removable handles which may come in handy if working on multiple vehicles at the same time.

The Ranger RFJ-3000LPF is an exceptional long-reach floor jack. Capable of lifting cars up to 14 inches quickly in three and a half pumps, making it suitable for most cars and small trucks alike. Plus, its low profile frame makes it great for getting under sports cars while fitting easily into tight spots other jacks may miss.

Finally, this jack is proudly made in America – a big plus for many consumers. While some overseas-made models may use lesser materials and safety standards than their U.S.-produced counterparts, you can be confident they’ll meet all safety requirements when used safely in your garage.

Product Reviews

There is an assortment of floor jack models on the market, ranging from top-quality professional units that cost hundreds of dollars to simple models you can pick up for $20 or less. All serve the same purpose: raising a vehicle high enough so you can work beneath it safely. These jacks come in various forms: low profile ones that allow users to easily get under cars without crouching to fast-rise units that can lift it with just three or four pumps of their handlebars.

From basic oil changes to replacing brakes, accessing the underside of vehicles is sometimes necessary for repair work. A quality floor jack makes this task easier – unlike bottle or scissor jacks which use hydraulic mechanisms alone to raise them off of the ground, these tools utilize hydraulic lifting mechanisms powered by a pump attached to their handle for effortless lifting action; when finished simply detach and pull back down until your desired height has been reached – when ready simply place a jack stand underneath for additional support while working.

A quality floor jack will feature high-grade construction from durable materials and should meet numerous safety standards. Furthermore, its load capacity should cover a wide array of vehicles. Furthermore, an easy user manual with clear instructions for purging or bleeding its hydraulic system under load will make this model all the easier to use – this step ensures air doesn’t enter and compromise its functioning and ultimately cause it to fail under load.

When purchasing a floor jack, look for one with an easily grasped long pump handle that makes filling it with hydraulic fluid easier and lifting vehicles simpler. In addition, longer handles give more leverage when working on tall or heavy vehicles. Furthermore, look for handles with comfortable knurled grips so they can even be used while wearing gloves.