Low Profile Custom RZR Cage Options

Low Profile Custom RZR Cage

Polaris RZR cage options vary significantly, from those offering multiple features to those who prioritize safety and functionality. Let’s take a look at some of the best choices.

Cognito’s race cage is constructed from 1.75-inch DOM tubing and features a welded rear bumper, V intrusion bar, aluminum roof with whip mounts, spare tire tabs and whip mounts. Two seat models start at $1299 while four seat models cost up to $2200.


Cagewrx provides Polaris RZR owners with options for replacing or customizing their factory cage, and enhancing its aesthetic appeal, to suit every type of RZR on the market. In addition, they have an extensive line of UTV accessories such as doors, bumpers, front and rear bumpers made from chromoly steel that can be ordered individually or weld-together kits for even easier assembly.

Cagewrx’s RZR RS1 Low Pro cage kit is an ideal way to reduce the height of their cage by four or five inches, fitting both two- and four-seat RS1 models, OEM doors, and accommodating four-point harnesses.

The kit provides all of the components necessary for you to weld a race cage on your RZR, including an ERW tubing base cage featuring an integrated rear bumper with bolt-in mounting points and bumper inserts, plus fastback Shorty fastback that mounts directly to stock cage locations and does not feature rear bumper for an uncluttered appearance. They ship raw so that they can be painted or powder coated to match your vehicle’s color scheme.


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DG has been making off-road hard parts longer than many of us have been alive, and has plenty of solutions for the RZR XP. The company offers both race and recreation cages crafted from 1.75-inch DOM tubing that are MIG welded; race cages come with radius tops for two or four seat options starting at $1299 while powdercoated versions cost an extra $200.


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SF Raceworks radius cages are meticulously engineered with CAD software for optimal design and strength. Their Polaris RZR Pro XP cages feature laser cut and bent tubes for the perfect fit and finish, all 100% American made to meet customer demands and guaranteed to meet them. SF Raceworks are known for their quality and performance products and one of the leading manufacturers of radius roll cages for Polaris RZRs.

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SF Raceworks crafts high-quality Polaris RZR cages of impeccable design using radius corners for an attractive appearance, then welding them securely onto fixtures to achieve precise fitment. Available for both two and four seat models, additional customization options may include Faraday cages to protect passengers from static electric fields; laser cut bending guarantees quality while their low profile design keeps drivers safe during rollovers.

DG is known for their quality off-road hard parts and offers several solutions for Polaris RZR XP vehicles. Their two-seat Fast Back cage starts at just $1350 with powdercoated aluminum roof. In addition, there are windshields and intrusion bars available as options.

Cagewrx Polaris RZR XPT4 Cage Build offers an easy way to customize your UTV. Their cage kits feature bead-rolled aluminum roof panels, front bumper, spare tire carrier and tire jack systems – and all made in America! Additionally, there are versions for every Polaris RZR model from XP4 up through Turbo S.


CageWRx offers two and four seat cages designed to give RZR XP owners more headroom. Choose between weld-on kits or complete cages fabricated using 1.75-inch DOM steel for MIG welding, with various stock colors as well as custom powdercoating available. Their Super Shorty cage uses the same dimensions as their factory counterpart, while their Race cage boasts taller roof lines and more interior room.

DG offers hard parts for UTVs as well. Their RZR XP cage styles include radius top, fastback and flat top styles – the latter two being powdercoated Fast Back options starting at just over $1350; radius top options start at $1599 with built-in rear bumpers and aluminum roofs as options; all cages work seamlessly with OEM doors.

DG has been manufacturing off-road hard parts longer than many of its customers have been alive, and their two-seat V1 Venom style cage is strong yet attractive. Their V1 Venom cage offers various features like whip mounts, windshields and intrusion bars.

Gravity Motorsports

Gravity Motorsports provides a sleek, low profile custom radius cage designed for RZRs manufactured after 2014. Constructed of 120 wall 1.75″ tube and available in various powdercoat colors, the 2-seater offers plenty of head room for both passengers. Furthermore, its sloped roof helps protect you and your passenger from rain and sunlight.

SF Race Works specializes in chassis engineering and is known for their extreme strength roll cages. Utilizing both CAD design and laser cut and bent tubes for optimal fit and finish, their cages are made in America and come backed with a lifetime warranty.

Thumper Fab specializes in crafting strong yet stylish Polaris RZR cages made of American steel that are welded, formed, and rolled for production times of between four to five weeks. You can select your perfect size and style of cage.

Holz Racing

Holz Racing has made their mark in the UTV world for producing simple yet lightweight race cages used on UTVs competing from US races all the way to Dakar. Mark Holz has long been involved with this sport, his designs being featured on some of the fastest race UTVs worldwide. Additionally, they provide other bolt-on products for Polaris Ranger RZR XP 900 such as rock sliders, frame braces, front/rear bumpers and much more – as well as having numerous bolt-on products specifically tailored towards these vehicles.

Gravity Motorsports provides one cage style for RZR XP 1000/Turbo two and four seaters: The radius-top cage features braced corners, V intrusion bar, powdercoated aluminum roof and works seamlessly with OEM doors. Two seat models start at $1800 while four seat models cost $2200; it comes raw or black using 1.75 inch DOM tubing welded by hand-TIG welding using CNC cut 5086 marine grade aluminum and 4130 chromoly steel for strength and durability – making this product an excellent option for anyone wanting to step up their racing game to take racing to new levels of competitive success!