Low Profile Condensate Pumps

Low Profile Condensate Pumps

Low profile condensate pumps are designed to collect and remove condensation automatically from air conditioning, refrigeration, dehumidification, and dehumidifier equipment. Furthermore, these pumps are suitable for high efficiency oil- and gas-fired condensing furnace and boiler equipment.

Condensate pumps work by sensing when liquid rises above a set level and activating itself automatically. Equipped with a half-gallon collection tank and featuring automatic start/stop operation and safety overflow switch protection.

Little Giant VCCA-20-P

The Little Giant VCCA-20-P is a small yet high-performing HVAC tank condensate pump designed for limited plenum spaces where gravity drainage may not be possible or practical. Automated collection and sucking systems can be used to automatically collect condensate from air conditioning, refrigeration, dehumidification equipment installed within an air handling plenum environment that lacks adequate space and cannot drain via gravity alone. This pump is also ideal for use with high efficiency gas or oil-fired condensing furnace and boiler equipment, featuring an easy installation. Plenum-approved condensate removal pump complies with all UL 2043 requirements, boasts 1/2 gallon capacity, is compact design makes installation simple, and is plenum approved. This system features both a float switch and automatic shut off. Constructed with top quality parts – plastic pump base and float/switch assembly included – plus stainless steel shaft for ease of plenum use, this low profile tank height makes for the ideal combination.

Hartell KL-1DG

Hartell KL-1DG low profile condensate pumps are an ideal choice for appliances that produce condensation, such as boiler furnaces, ice makers, and air conditioning units. Without them, excess condensation would simply drip onto the floor causing water damage; but with these pumps installed it’s easy to drain excess condensation away. These pumps connect directly with drain pipes leading to pans that collect extra condensation before being connected via float switch to pump water out through drain lines into reservoir reservoir.

This pump features a fan-cooled and thermally protected motor for long life performance, adhering to UL standards for safety and NFPA 60 compliance; making it an excellent choice for use in homes, office buildings, schools and hospitals.

This pump can handle 205 gallons per hour and boasts a vertical lift of 9 feet for easy access to any high point in your home. Furthermore, an included safety switch lets you quickly shut off the unit if it overflows – an especially handy feature if living in an older house without access to storage spaces for excess moisture build-up.

This low-profile pump can easily fit in tight spaces. The easy installation kit comes with everything needed for installation – 20 feet of vinyl tubing and a safety switch are included as well. Ideal for commercial applications due to compliance with building codes that mandate all air-filled spaces must have cables with fire and smoke inhibiting qualities, it makes an effective condensation remover.

Asurity CP-22LP

The CP-22LP offers all of the great features of its predecessor in an aesthetically pleasing package that stands only 4-3/8″ high, including its shorter reservoir holding 1/3 gallon of condensate. UL listed under File Nos E253155 and E258186, this pump automatically evacuates or shuts down air handler equipment when condensate levels reach preset threshold levels; additional features include vibration dampening feet and motor mounts as well as metal hang tabs with hole-and-slot designs, clear indicator displays, duckbill style check valve, quick connect terminals for quick connections directly into its built-in overflow switch allowing installer flexibility and installer flexibility!

Franklin Electric VCMX-20ULST

Franklin Electric has been producing pumps for more than six decades, helping people remove huge volumes of water from previously inaccessible places. Their product offerings include condensate pumps, sump and sewage pumps, pool cover pumps, aquarium and pond pumps and more. Little Giant VCMX-20ULST low profile condensate pump is one of their best-selling products. This high-capacity pump is specifically designed to collect and drain condensation from portable air conditioners, refrigerators, dehumidifiers and other appliances where gravity drainage isn’t an option. This unit comes complete with 20 feet of 0.38-inch tubing and features an overflow switch and automatic start/stop operation for smooth use. Capable of pumping up to 21 feet vertically, and featuring a half gallon collection tank for storage purposes – its slim footprint makes this ideal for tight spaces.