Low Profile and High Profile Breast Implants

Low Profile and High Profile Breast Implants

Implant profile is an integral element of breast augmentation procedures. The profile refers to how far out from the chest the implant projects.

Your natural body structure and desired look will play a large part in selecting an implant type. For instance, narrow chest walls may make a wide gap between implants appear unnatural.

High Profile Breast Implants Vs. Low Profile

Although most women concentrate on choosing their ideal cup size when selecting breast implants, implant profile also plays an integral part. An implant’s base diameter determines its projection from the chest; patients can select from low to high profiles; higher ones provide more cleavage while lower ones produce less; both types provide unique results depending on each patient’s goals and body type and can even be combined together for dramatic enhancement.

Low profile implants feature wide base width and produce minimal projection from the chest, giving a more natural, moderate cleavage look from any angle. Low-profile implants are best suited for women who have wide chest frames or larger gaps between the breasts.

Moderate profile implants feature narrower base width than low profile models and offer greater projection from the chest, making it an excellent option for women with thin chest frames or narrow breast bases who want to increase volume without looking overdone.

This profile is the go-to choice for women who prioritize natural-looking results from their breast augmentation surgery. The moderate base width gives implants a gradual slope from skin along the chest bone to projection for an extremely flattering result.

Anatomical teardrop implants offer the ideal compromise between moderate and high profile styles. Their shape mimics that of implants injected directly into natural tissues and offers more of a natural look while still offering fullness and cleavage.

When selecting an implant for your breasts, it’s wise to consult an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Brown. With decades of experience sizing hundreds of patients each year, she can assist you in selecting one tailored specifically to your unique needs and preferences – such as emphasising either the nipple or collarbone.

MPS will assist in selecting an implant size and profile that will make you feel confident about your appearance, while maintaining a beautiful silhouette on your frame. Contact us now for more information or a personal consultation to achieve your goals and look your best!

Low Profile Breast Implants Results

Women seeking breast implant surgery to enhance their natural size and shape have many options at their disposal, such as choosing between different types, sizes, and placement of implants. When selecting their desired implant profile it can make all the difference in achieving beautiful, flattering breasts – or creating unnatural looking ones.

Implant profiles refer to how far implants project forward from the chest. Implants of equal volume (measured in cubic centimeters), however, can have different projections depending on their base width; narrower bases usually produce greater forward projection.

There is a range of breast implant profiles, from low to high and moderate plus or super-high. Each implant profile produces its own distinctive look; some patients may prefer lower, more natural profiles like moderate plus, while others desire fuller busts that feature curvier curvatures. Natural breast tissue thickness also plays a factor when selecting an optimal implant profile for each patient.

When treating patients with minimal natural breast tissue, larger-volume implants may be more suitable. However, this could result in their implants appearing unnaturally large – something a breast surgeon can help women navigate when selecting an implant profile that best matches their body type and desired result.

Women without wide rib cages would typically benefit from choosing lower profile implants; their width wouldn’t overwhelm her when seen from the frontal view. Conversely, those who already possess very full breasts may struggle more in achieving desired results with lower implant profiles as this could make their breasts too flat or saggy.

A skilled plastic surgeon will carefully consider these factors to help her select an implant profile with natural looking results that looks best on her. Implant selection can be more complex than simply selecting a size; its profile determines how they will appear relative to a patient’s body frame and natural breast tissue amount. Take time to find the ideal breast implant choice to ensure that all your goals are achieved and that they love their new look. Thanks to advances in breast implant technology, today’s safe and effective implants come in various sizes and shapes that can create natural-looking results. Reach out to Dr. Turner’s office now for your appointment; call, text or email us now for more info!

Low Profile Teardrop Breast Implants

Teardrop implant profiles offer women who desire a subtle enhancement an option for more natural-looking enhancement. Furthermore, teardrop implants may help patients who do not possess enough existing breast tissue to support larger sizes or increased projection.

Teardrop-shaped implants tend to offer more natural feel for many patients compared to round breast implants due to being more form stable and not rotating within their pocket. Furthermore, cohesive gel implants such as Mentor Memory Shape or anatomical implants tend to maintain their shape over time if chosen as well.

While most patients focus on selecting their ideal cup size when selecting an implant, finding the appropriate profile is also key. At your consultation with Dr. Liland he will make recommendations based on your goals and body type; ultimately however, it is your choice which size and appearance best suit you.

Implant size, shape and the volume of natural breast tissue will all play an essential part in its profile. With 3D imaging and specially-made bras with “sizers,” we can help you visualize what life after breast augmentation could look like for you.

At your breast augmentation consultation, our staff will use measurements taken of your chest and rib cage to ascertain which implant size and profile would work best with your frame. We will discuss how much forward projection you would like achieved before providing advice on which style would best meet both your goals while remaining safe for your individual body type.

Additionally to its shape and diameter/depth, implant diameter and depth have an effect on their appearance. Lower profile implants tend to offer flatter appearance while higher profile ones create more of a “bubble” effect.

The degree of projection you can achieve depends on two key elements – how big your existing breast tissue is, and the width of your rib cage. If you have narrow ribs, high-profile implants could prove too wide and cause them to protrude from either side of your chest. If your natural breast tissue is limited, a low-profile implant may appear too flat and deflated; on the other hand, having abundant natural breast tissue could result in a dramatic and full look with a high-profile implant. As such, it is vitally important that patients consult a surgeon with extensive expertise and experience in providing stunning breast enhancements. At Burbank Plastic Surgery, our team is well known for creating beautiful yet natural looking results for our patients. For more information about your options or to schedule a personal consultation please reach out – we look forward to meeting you!