Low Profile Air Cleaner

Low Profile Air Cleaner

Clean air is essential to living healthy in any home, and an air purifier can do its part, but they’re often hard to hide away in decor. Instead, consider getting a low profile air cleaner that blends into the background seamlessly.

Walker-engineered recessed bases help reduce stumble across the butterfly and ensure better air flow through the carburetor, improving performance. Package includes plated air cleaner stud and wing nut.

4 Barrel

Mancini Low Pro Air Cleaners are ideal when engine-to-hood clearance becomes limited due to a high-rise intake manifold, tall carb spacers or nitrous plates. Their steel construction resists warping caused by extreme under-hood temperatures.

Holley 2 barrels can easily accommodate this product by simply removing its choke tower, and has shown to increase flow and horsepower on several small block applications (as discovered by circle track magazine). Furthermore, when used with cast iron manifolds it also clears HEI distributors.

Chrome racing-style assembly raises element 7/8″ below carburetor flange and offers four distinct element heights to meet various applications. Comes complete with 5-1/8″ neck flange and PCV provision for pollution control vehicles (PCV provision can also be found on page 3 for pollution control vehicles), along with the popular reusable air filter (see page 3 for details). Fits Holley, Edelbrock and Carter 4-barrel carburetors featuring 5-1/8″ necks.