Celebrate Your Loyalty With a Dodgers Low Profile Hat From New Era

Dodgers Low Profile Hat

The Los Angeles Dodgers have an unparalleled legacy both in Brooklyn and Los Angeles, so show your devotion with style by wearing an authentic New Era Dodgers low profile hat featuring their signature logo combined with UNINTERRUPTED’s UNINTENTIONAL touch – truly an authentic piece that stands for sports culture crossover.

Los Angeles Dodgers Authentic Collection On Field Low Profile 59FIFTY Fitted Hat

Los Angeles Dodgers fans can show their team spirit in an all-new way with this Authentic Collection On Field Low Profile 59FIFTY Fitted Hat by New Era. Boasting iconic LA logo embroidery and featuring a low crown design that ensures it fits most people comfortably, this structured cap offers fans a chance to show their support!

The 59FIFTY baseball cap style was first popularized by Major League Baseball players and has become an iconic part of both sports and street culture worldwide. Worn by athletes in NFL, NBA, NHL, Minor League Baseball as well as soccer leagues like Liga MX and Manchester United soccer leagues; worn casually it can also be found all around cities worldwide as part of fashion attire.

New Era 39THIRTY fitted caps offer those looking for less structured fits an alternative to their 59FIFTY fitted cap, designed with stretch material to be more comfortable. It has a pre-curved visor and elastic spandex sweatband; as well as having a lower crown height which makes them great for those with sloping foreheads or oval-shaped heads.

If you’re searching for something even more casual, the New Era 9TWENTY adjustable relaxed fit hat offers an easy fit with its flat brim and open back. Available as one size fits most and featuring various closure styles like snapbacks or strapbacks; for an retro aesthetic check out their version with Velcro closure! To ensure you find your ideal size use our Fit Guide and Size Chart as we will help determine what’s best.

Brooklyn Dodgers Authentic Collection On Field Low Profile 59FIFTY Fitted Hat

The New Era 59FIFTY fitted cap is an iconic style worn by professional MLB baseball players for decades and worn by fans all around the world. Known as a fitted hat with structured high crown and flat bill design features, the most popular style typically incorporates vintage logos for an authentic throwback aesthetic. Available with various closure types such as snapback, strapback or velcro closure types – one size fits most is also an option!

The 29TWENTY is similar to the 59FIFTY but features a lower profile and straight visor instead of being pre-curved, creating a much more casual style of cap. Additionally, vintage logos or retro throwback designs often make use of this cap style exclusively; additionally it can easily be folded up for storage without losing shape! Additionally, as its shape does not shift when stored rolled up.

The New Era 93FIFTY fitted hat is another classic New Era style with its low sloping crown and slightly curved visor, ideal for people with more sloping foreheads or oval-shaped heads as it fits more snugly than structured high crown styles like the regular 59FIFTY fitted hat. Be sure to refer to our Size Chart when making your purchase decision as this product features the old Cleveland Indians Chief Wahoo logo for team pride at batting practice or out on the street!