Choosing a Low Profile Dolly

Low Profile Dolly

These adjustable-size open-deck dollies can lift loads up to an inch off of the ground. Ideal for moving equipment that interferes with flooring surfaces such as bandsaws, tables and sanders.

This drum dolly allows one person to easily transport a 55 gallon drum. Featuring an open platform for easier loading and unloading of drums more quickly and enhancing work efficiency.

Low Profile Furniture Dolly

Moving heavy or bulky furniture or equipment between locations requires using a low profile dolly to make the task simpler and more efficient. These dollies are specifically designed to lift items off of the ground for effortless transport without straining your back. Before using one, be sure to inspect it for cracks or dents as it needs to support enough weight before being used on its intended task – otherwise consider getting another dolly instead.

When using a low profile furniture dolly, extra care must be taken when loading it. Avoid placing anything heavy directly on top of it as this could cause it to tip over. Instead, ratchet straps or tie-down style straps provide more reliable tie-down solutions as they will not break or become caught up on sharp edges like rope ties would.

Transport and store up to 12 stackable chairs easily with this steel furniture dolly from the USA, featuring formed sides with 1″ lips and tubular ends to grip chair bottoms firmly. Completed in black powder coat finish.

Steel General Purpose Dolly Move boxes, crates and other large containers effortlessly with this steel general purpose dolly. Its perforated deck has small openings to let dirt and debris slip through easily for faster cleanup and has an anti-corrosion layer for protection from scratches. Plus, its nonporous surface resists scratches.

Triangular furniture dollies provide more versatility. Easily nestling into table legs or cabinet corners, these triangular models boast low profile with their 0.6″ load height and 2″ swivel casters – great for tight spaces where larger wheels might prove challenging to navigate.

Low Profile Dolly Wheels

Dollies provide an efficient means of storage and transportation. With its higher capacity than hand trucks but lightweight enough for easy maneuverability in tight spaces, uBoxes offers numerous types of dollies to help meet all of your storage and transport needs.

Pallet dollies are ideal for transporting large loads. Their flat top holds standard shipping pallets for increased stability, with swivel casters for improved maneuverability. Some models even feature brakes to help slow the cart when stopping, and others provide ramps to aid you when carrying heavy objects up or down stairs.

Steel drum dollies make moving 30- and 55-gallon steel containers easier, thanks to raised sides that prevent tipping. A steel drum dolly is ideal for transporting liquids such as oils, chemicals, and liquid food products as well as handling dry goods like grains, coffee beans, or powdered milk powder.

Crate dollies can be invaluable tools when transporting milk, glassware and other supplies in your restaurant. Their slim design helps staff navigate easily around corners and smaller spaces while glass rack dollies feature an indented platform to hold stacks of dishes and glasses securely in place.

Our selection of dolly wheels encompasses an extensive array of materials and sizes. Select from nylon and neoprene wheels designed for light loads on soft surfaces, thermoplastic rubber wheels for non-marking floors, regular or high temperature phenolic varieties, polyurethane rolling surfaces with easy rolling surface capabilities and semi steel options with impact resistance capabilities for large capacities.

Low Profile Drum Dolly

Low Profile Drum Dolly allows for safe transport of heavy drums and cylinders without lifting them, with its built-in handle designed to tip it slightly away from you as you slide the trolley underneath – making it easier to maneuver and less risky than other types of dollies that require you to lift all at once. In addition, its built-in spanner makes opening taps quick and simple without additional tools required – all while rolling on both swivel wheels as well as fixed wheels to allow smooth transport across many surfaces and terrains.

Use with drum-dispensing systems, mobile drum transfer carts and lubrication trollies for optimal use. The pivoting T-handle allows easy pulling while its locking upright position enables push. When not in use it folds down for storage. Each dolly can carry up to two 55 gallon steel or poly drums simultaneously.

These unique drum dollies feature an open deck to allow liquids to pass through, as well as a welded support ring that prevents drums from toppling off the dolly. Their lighter construction means they’re also ideal for moving square cartons and crates as well as round drums.

These heavy-duty drum dollies are specifically designed to transfer drums in industrial applications without access to forklifts or cranes. Crafted from all steel construction with baked-on powder coat finish for extra strength and durability, they’re easily pushable over pallets*, trucks, vans or skids to load and unload drums without the need to lift up high. Equipped with four swivel and two large rigid poly wheels for maneuverability over most surfaces while both handles can be operated from both sides for ease of control; additionally they feature detachable handles which double as both wrench and seal remover for added convenience.

Low Profile Floor Hugger Dolly

This low-profile steel dolly allows for loading and unloading materials at floor level, with its four 3″x1-1/4″ hard rubber swivel casters making transport effortless. Convenient handles allow easy positioning and transport – and its overall height of 4-3/8 makes this dolly an excellent solution for transporting wooden pallets or skids without needing fork trucks.

Vestil’s LFH-55 floor hugger dollies are widely utilized in automotive and logistics work environments to lift and move drums, crates, cabinets, etc. Their low profile makes loading and unloading products at floor level quick and simple; solid steel construction ensures long life; while their swivel casters make handling loads easy – available both individually or as multiple-piece sets.

Low Profile Heavy Duty Dolly

Heavy-duty dollies are wheeled platforms designed to reduce effort when transporting large, heavy loads over relatively flat terrain. Typical applications of dollys include transporting cartons, crates or equipment between locations on relatively level ground; moving cartons like cartons crates and containers without leaning back balancing is unnecessary, tight turns without damaging contents are possible without damaging carts, plus some models include handles for pushing pulling and positioning your dolly – while others feature handles that help push pull positioning their dolly.

These heavy duty drum dollies are specifically designed to support 55-gallon drums, featuring a low profile that allows them to fit beneath them easily. Constructed of steel for long-term industrial use and powder coated for corrosion resistance, some units feature swiveling casters which enable mobility across any direction for increased productivity.

Dutro Piano Dolly. FOB Utah or Oregon Warehouse; also referred to as furniture dolly, low profile steel frame utility dolly, piano dolly home use dolly garage dolly or store dolly.

Adjustable Tote Dolly for FOB Midwest Warehouse

Adjustable tote dollies allow users to alter the width and length of their platform in order to accommodate various totes sizes, loading or unloading at floor level with their swivel caster base, with capacity up to 1,400 pounds!

These steel pro-movers can be used to transport standard wooden pallets and skids. Equipped with bolt-on hard rubber swivel casters for smooth movement and painted surfaces, they feature bolted-on hard rubber swivel casters to facilitate transport and come complete with paint finishes for an attractive appearance. Moreover, pairs may also be utilized when handling extra-large items that would normally require fork trucks or pallet jacks for handling.