Black Low Profile Tool Box

Use Low Profile Tool Box to Keep tools and Gear Organized

Keep tools and gear organized, secure and easily accessible with this low profile truck tool box. Its slim design offers greater visibility when looking through your rearview mirror and won’t obstruct turning a fifth wheel hitch. This crossover truck tool box is constructed of durable aluminum welded together into one tub for strength and reliability. […]

Low Profile P Trap

Keep Your Drawers Functional With a Low Profile P Trap

Maintaining a moist P-trap helps protect it against smelly sewer gases. This is especially crucial when guests use your bathroom sink or toilet. A P-trap should not be lower than the drain line tee for safety reasons and to comply with local code regulations. A lower P-trap would result in an illegal and against code […]

Low Profile Mini Fuse Tap

Adding a Wired Circuit With a Low Profile Mini Fuse

Utilizing this fuse tap kit, adding wired circuits is now simpler than ever without cutting or splicing! Equipped with a Low Profile Mini Fuse which divides one fuse slot into two to power your additional accessory, as well as a current limiter fuse to protect it, adding wired circuits has never been simpler! Low Profile […]

Low Profile and High Profile Breast Implants

Low Profile and High Profile Breast Implants

Implant profile is an integral element of breast augmentation procedures. The profile refers to how far out from the chest the implant projects. Your natural body structure and desired look will play a large part in selecting an implant type. For instance, narrow chest walls may make a wide gap between implants appear unnatural. High […]

Low Profile Car Trailer

Low Profile Car Trailer

Low profile car trailers offer more space than their traditional stepdeck counterparts to transport taller vehicles, since their configuration takes up less of the trailer deck height. Big Tex offers unique options on this durable economy-style trailer designed specifically to suit autos, small tractors and ATVs or side-by-sides. Features like its fold-back tongue and teardrop […]

Low Profile 4 Way Pallet Jack

Low Profile 4 Way Pallet Jack

Designed specifically for low-profile applications, this manual pallet jack offers industry-leading quality, support and longevity. Capable of carrying up to 5,000 pounds at once and boasting a fingertip lever switch for raising, lowering and neutral position operations – it stands up against its counterparts! It comes equipped with a safety belly reverse button and horn […]

Low Profile Custom RZR Cage

Low Profile Custom RZR Cage Options

Polaris RZR cage options vary significantly, from those offering multiple features to those who prioritize safety and functionality. Let’s take a look at some of the best choices. Cognito’s race cage is constructed from 1.75-inch DOM tubing and features a welded rear bumper, V intrusion bar, aluminum roof with whip mounts, spare tire tabs and […]

Low Profile Access Floor

Low Profile Access Floor

Low profile access floors can be installed 75% faster than traditional methods, making them an excellent solution for renovation projects. Beginning with a noncombustible foam undersheet that serves as an air distribution plenum, all steel base components with 34 legs stamped out of them are quickly distributed throughout. As they do not require bonding, these […]

Low Profile Shower Drain

The Benefits of a Low Profile Shower Drain

Linear drains are becoming an increasingly popular trend in wet room design. Not only are they more hygienic and easier to maintain than their counterparts, they’re also much simpler and quicker to clean! PVC Channel. These new Site Sizable linear drains feature an innovative “mortar lock” design to secure their position firmly on a mortar […]

Low Profile Chandelier

How to Hang a Low Profile Chandelier

Chandeliers make an attractive centerpiece in any dining space and also work well in foyers and entryways. Hanging it at an appropriate height helps ensure its visibility while still allowing guests to move around freely without running into it while sitting at a table. Though there are industry recommendations, the best way to determine your […]