22.5 Low Profile Tires

Choosing 22.5 Low Profile Tires to Improve Fuel Efficiency & Handling

Selecting the appropriate tires can be challenging when faced with numerous options. First, it’s essential to establish your wheel size (also referred to as tire dimension) which describes how large of an option fits on any given wheel. Low-pro tires feature lower sidewall height, helping improve fuel efficiency and handling in certain applications, but aren’t […]

Low Profile Roof Vents

Low Profile Roof Vents

Proper attic ventilation requires striking a balance between intake and exhaust ventilation systems. Intake ventilation helps extend shingle life, reduce cooling costs, and prevent moisture build-up while exhaust ventilation helps eliminate moisture accumulation in the attic. Static roof vents use buoyancy to pull cooler air into an attic while forcing hotter air out, making them […]

Low Profile Water Tanks

Choosing 50 – 1000 Gallon Low Profile Water Tanks

Low profile water tanks are portable storage solutions designed to fit in spaces where height restrictions may be an issue. Commonly used as water storage tanks, but can also be utilized in other ways. These containers are constructed with UV stabilised polymer to shield your tank from potentially harmful sunlight and feature gallon indicators for […]

Low Profile Long Reach Floor Jack

Low Profile Long Reach Floor Jack

Low profile long reach floor jacks are essential tools in any auto repair shop, offering safe and secure lift for vehicles of any kind. They are lightweight and simple to operate – providing a valuable boost towards success! Regular jacks have lower lifting heights that may not meet the needs of all vehicles and they […]

Low Profile Ductwork

Low Profile Ductwork

Heating and cooling systems for homes cannot be complete without effective ductwork systems. No matter if you are renovating an older house or constructing your dream home, there are various ductwork solutions to choose from that could add the finishing touch. Before selecting a ducting system for your home, it’s essential that you understand trunk […]

Low Profile Dolly

Choosing a Low Profile Dolly

These adjustable-size open-deck dollies can lift loads up to an inch off of the ground. Ideal for moving equipment that interferes with flooring surfaces such as bandsaws, tables and sanders. This drum dolly allows one person to easily transport a 55 gallon drum. Featuring an open platform for easier loading and unloading of drums more […]

Dodgers Low Profile Hat

Celebrate Your Loyalty With a Dodgers Low Profile Hat From New Era

The Los Angeles Dodgers have an unparalleled legacy both in Brooklyn and Los Angeles, so show your devotion with style by wearing an authentic New Era Dodgers low profile hat featuring their signature logo combined with UNINTERRUPTED’s UNINTENTIONAL touch – truly an authentic piece that stands for sports culture crossover. Los Angeles Dodgers Authentic Collection […]

Low Profile Air Cleaner

Low Profile Air Cleaner

Clean air is essential to living healthy in any home, and an air purifier can do its part, but they’re often hard to hide away in decor. Instead, consider getting a low profile air cleaner that blends into the background seamlessly. Walker-engineered recessed bases help reduce stumble across the butterfly and ensure better air flow […]

Low Profile Hard Hat

Protect Your Head With Low Profile Hard Hat

Hard hats are indispensable tools in the workplace that offer protection from impact, penetration, and electric shock. Regular inspection should take place to inspect for cracks or breaks which might compromise their protective capabilities. The best hard hats offer multiple adjustment points and comfort features, such as an adjustable sweatband. Some models also include accessory […]

Low Profile Raised Floor

Why Low Profile Raised Floor is Better than the Traditional One

Traditional access floors occupy much of your ceiling height and require specialist maintenance to open and make changes. But there’s another solution that requires much less ceiling space and makes life easier for onsite personnel: A low profile raised floor. Easy Access to Wires & Pipes Low profile raised floors provide easy access to cables, […]